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From Mark Hamstra <>
Subject Re: Spark 2.0.0-preview artifacts still not available in Maven
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2016 17:08:19 GMT
> I still don't know where this "severely compromised builds of limited
> usefulness" thing comes from? what's so bad? You didn't veto its
> release, after all.

I simply mean that it was released with the knowledge that there are still
significant bugs in the preview that definitely would warrant a veto if
this were intended to be on a par with other releases.  There have been
repeated announcements to that effect, but developers finding the preview
artifacts on Maven Central months from now may well not also see those
announcements and related discussion.  The artifacts will be very stale and
no longer useful for their limited testing purpose, but will persist in the

On Mon, Jun 6, 2016 at 9:51 AM, Sean Owen <> wrote:

> I still don't know where this "severely compromised builds of limited
> usefulness" thing comes from? what's so bad? You didn't veto its
> release, after all. And rightly so: a release doesn't mean "definitely
> works"; it means it was created the right way. It's OK to say it's
> buggy alpha software; this isn't an argument to not really release it.
> But aside from that: if it should be used by someone, then who did you
> have in mind?
> It would be coherent at least to decide not to make alpha-like
> release, but, we agreed to, which is why this argument sort of
> surprises me.
> I share some concerns about piling on Databricks. Nothing here is by
> nature about an organization. However, this release really began in
> response to a thread (which not everyone here can see) about
> Databricks releasing a "2.0.0 preview" option in their product before
> it existed. I presume employees of that company sort of endorse this,
> which has put this same release into the hands of not just developers
> or admins but end users -- even with caveats and warnings.
> (And I think that's right!)
> While I'd like to see your reasons before I'd agree with you Mark,
> yours is a feasible position; I'm not as sure how people who work for
> Databricks can argue at the same time however that this should be
> carefully guarded as an ASF release -- even with caveats and warnings.
> We don't need to assume bad faith -- I don't. The appearance alone is
> enough to act to make this consistent.
> But, I think the resolution is simple: it's not 'dangerous' to release
> this and I don't think people who say they think this really do. So
> just finish this release normally, and we're done. Even if you think
> there's an argument against it, weigh vs the problems above.
> On Mon, Jun 6, 2016 at 4:00 PM, Mark Hamstra <>
> wrote:
> > This is not a Databricks vs. The World situation, and the fact that some
> > persist in forcing every issue into that frame is getting annoying.
> There
> > are good engineering and project-management reasons not to populate the
> > long-term, canonical repository of Maven artifacts with what are known
> to be
> > severely compromised builds of limited usefulness, particularly over
> time.
> > It is a legitimate dispute over whether these preview artifacts should be
> > deployed to Maven Central, not one that must be seen as Databricks
> seeking
> > improper advantage.
> >

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