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From Adam Roberts <>
Subject Databricks SparkPerf with Spark 2.0
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2016 11:18:12 GMT
Hi, I'm working on having "SparkPerf" ( run with Spark 2.0, noticed a 
few pull requests not yet accepted so concerned this project's been 
abandoned - it's proven very useful in the past for quality assurance as 
we can easily exercise lots of Spark functions with a cluster (perhaps 
exposing problems that don't surface with the Spark unit tests).

I want to use Scala 2.11.8 and Spark 2.0.0 so I'm making my way through 
various files, currently faced with a NoSuchMethod exception


at spark.perf.AggregateByKey.runTest(KVDataTest.scala:137) 

class AggregateByKey(sc: SparkContext) extends KVDataTest(sc) {
  override def runTest(rdd: RDD[_], reduceTasks: Int) {
    rdd.asInstanceOf[RDD[(String, String)]]
      .map{case (k, v) => (k, v.toInt)}.reduceByKey(_ + _, 

Grepping shows

-> rddToPairRDDFunctions 

The scheduling-throughput tests complete fine but the problem here is seen 
with agg-by-key (and likely other modules to fix owing to API changes 
between 1.x and 2.x which I guess is the cause of the above problem).

Has anybody already made good progress here? Would like to work together 
and get this available for everyone, I'll be churning through it either 
way. Will be looking at HiBench also.

Next step for me is to use sbt -Dspark.version=2.0.0 (2.0.0-preview?) and 
work from there, although I figured the prep tests stage would do this for 
me (how else is it going to build?).


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