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From Jim Hughes <>
Subject Issues using Hive JDBC
Date Fri, 02 Dec 2016 21:14:58 GMT
Hi all,

I'm investigating adding geospatial user-defined functions and types to 
Spark SQL in Spark 2.0.x.  That is going rather well; I've seen how to 
add geospatial UDT and UDFs (and even UDAFs!).

As part of the investigation, I tried out the Thrift JDBC server, and I 
have encountered two general issues.

First, there are a few places in the Hive Thrift Server module which 
aren't general.  In two places, a SessionState is cast to a 
HiveSessionState.  Additionally, in SparkExecuteStatementOperation, some 
serialization code for handling DataTypes doesn't consider 

For those issues, would a JIRA and pull request be appropriate?

My second issue was connecting existing JDBC code to the Hive JDBC 
connector.  The code calls connection.getMetaData.getTables().  I tried 
various options to see that call work, and I was unable to get the list 
of tables back.

It looks like these tickets are related:

Has there been any more work on the JDBC metadata issues?

Thanks in advance,


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