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From Maciej Szymkiewicz <>
Subject Future of the Python 2 support.
Date Sun, 04 Dec 2016 15:59:41 GMT

I am aware there was a previous discussion about dropping support for
different platforms
but somehow it has been dominated by Scala and JVM and never touched the
subject of Python 2.

Some facts:

  * Python 2 End Of Life is scheduled for 2020
    ( without with "no
    guarantee that bugfix releases will be made on a regular basis"
    until then.
  * Almost all commonly used libraries already support Python 3
    ( A single exception that can be
    important for Spark is thrift (Python 3 support is already present
    on the master) and transitively PyHive and Blaze.
  * Supporting both Python 2 and Python 3 introduces significant
    technical debt. In practice Python 3 is a different language with
    backward incompatible syntax and growing number of features which
    won't be backported to 2.x.


  * We need a public discussion about possible date for dropping Python
    2 support.
  * Early 2018 should give enough time for a graceful transition.


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