Hi Yan, 

I've been surprised the first time when I noticed rxin stepped back and a new release manager stepped in. Congrats on your first ANNOUNCE! 

I can only expect even more great stuff coming in to Spark from the dev team after Reynold spared some time 😉

Can't wait to read the changes... 


On 29 Dec 2016 5:03 p.m., "Yin Huai" <yhuai@databricks.com> wrote:
Hi all,

Apache Spark 2.1.0 is the second release of Spark 2.x line. This release makes significant strides in the production readiness of Structured Streaming, with added support for event time watermarks and Kafka 0.10 support. In addition, this release focuses more on usability, stability, and polish, resolving over 1200 tickets.

We'd like to thank our contributors and users for their contributions and early feedback to this release. This release would not have been possible without you.

To download Spark 2.1.0, head over to the download page: http://spark.apache.org/downloads.html

(note: If you see any issues with the release notes, webpage or published artifacts, please contact me directly off-list)