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On 30 Mar 2017 3:52 a.m., "Holden Karau" <> wrote:
Hi PySpark Developers,

In /, as part of our continued Python 2.6 deprecation & eventual removal , Jenkins master will now test with Python 2.7 rather than Python 2.6. If you have a pending Python PR please re-run Jenkins tests prior to merge to avoid issues.

For your local testing make sure you have a version of Python 2.7 installed on your machine otherwise it will default to using the python executable and in the future you may run into compatibility issues.

Note: this only impacts master and has not been merged to other branches, so if you want to make fixes that are planned for back ported to 2.1, please continue to use 2.6 compatible Python code (and note you can always explicitly set a python version to be run with the --python-executables flag when testing locally).


Holden :)


If you run int any issues around this please feel free (as always) to reach out and ping me.