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From Abdeali Kothari <>
Subject Accumulator issues in PySpark
Date Tue, 25 Sep 2018 20:27:58 GMT
I was trying to check out accumulators and see if I could use them for
I made a demo program and could not figure out how to add them up.

I found that I need to do a shuffle between all my python UDFs that I am
running for the accumulators to be run. Basically, if I do 5 withColumn()
with Python UDFs, I find the accumulator's value gets added only for the
last UDF I run before my action.

Here is a snippet to reproduce with Spark 2.3.2:

import pyspark
from pyspark.sql import SparkSession, Row
from pyspark.sql import functions as F
from pyspark.sql import types as T

from pyspark import AccumulatorParam

spark = SparkSession.builder.getOrCreate()
test_accum = spark.sparkContext.accumulator(0.0)


def main(data):
    print(">>> Check0", test_accum.value)
    def test(x):
        global test_accum
        test_accum += 1.0
        return x

    print(">>> Check1", test_accum.value)

    def test2(x):
        global test_accum
        test_accum += 100.0
        return x

    print(">>> Check2", test_accum.value)
    func_udf = F.udf(test, T.DoubleType())
    print(">>> Check3", test_accum.value)
    func_udf2 = F.udf(test2, T.DoubleType())
    print(">>> Check4", test_accum.value)

    data = data.withColumn("out1", func_udf(data["a"]))
    if SHUFFLE:
        data = data.repartition(2)
    print(">>> Check5", test_accum.value)
    data = data.withColumn("out2", func_udf2(data["b"]))
    if SHUFFLE:
        data = data.repartition(2)
    print(">>> Check6", test_accum.value)  # ACTION
    print(">>> Check7", test_accum.value)
    return data

df = spark.createDataFrame([
    [1.0, 2.0]
], schema=T.StructType([T.StructField(field_name, T.DoubleType(), True) for
field_name in ["a", "b"]]))

df2 = main(df)

######## Output 1 - with SHUFFLE=False
*# >>> Check7 100.0*

######## Output 2 - with SHUFFLE=True
*# >>> Check7 101.0*

Basically looks like:
 - Accumulator works only for last UDF before a shuffle-like operation
Not sure if this is a bug or expected behaviour.

Overall goal:
I'm trying to capture error messages from UDFs if they error out. The plan
is to try/except them and catch an error, save to accumulator and continue
execution with `return None`.

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