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From Sean Owen <>
Subject Re: 2.4.0 Blockers, Critical, etc
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2018 13:54:30 GMT
Yes, documentation for 2.4 has to be done before the 2.4 release. Or
else it's not for 2.4. Likewise auditing that must happen before 2.4,
must happen before 2.4 is released.
"Foo for 2.4" as Blocker for 2.4 needs to be resolved for 2.4, by
definition. Or else it's not a Blocker, not for 2.4.

 I know we've had this discussion before and agree to disagree about
the semantics. But we won't, say, release 2.4.0 and then go
retroactively patch the 2.4.0 released docs with docs for 2.4.

Really, I'm just asking if all the things those items mean to cover
are done? even if for whatever reason the JIRA is not resolved.

We have a new blocker thought, FWIW:
On Fri, Sep 21, 2018 at 3:02 AM Felix Cheung <> wrote:
> I think the point is we actually need to do these validation before completing the release...
> ________________________________
> From: Wenchen Fan <>
> Sent: Friday, September 21, 2018 12:02 AM
> To: Sean Owen
> Cc: Spark dev list
> Subject: Re: 2.4.0 Blockers, Critical, etc
> Sean thanks for checking them!
> I made one pass and re-targeted/closed some of them. Most of them are documentation and
auditing, do we need to block the release for them?
> On Fri, Sep 21, 2018 at 6:01 AM Sean Owen <> wrote:
>> Because we're into 2.4 release candidates, I thought I'd look at
>> what's still open and targeted at 2.4.0. I presume the Blockers are
>> the usual umbrellas that don't themselves block anything, but,
>> confirming, there is nothing left to do there?
>> I think that's mostly a question for Joseph and Weichen.
>> As ever, anyone who knows these items are a) done or b) not going to
>> be in 2.4, go ahead and update them.
>> Blocker:
>> SPARK-25321 ML, Graph 2.4 QA: API: New Scala APIs, docs
>> SPARK-25324 ML 2.4 QA: API: Java compatibility, docs
>> SPARK-25323 ML 2.4 QA: API: Python API coverage
>> SPARK-25320 ML, Graph 2.4 QA: API: Binary incompatible changes
>> Critical:
>> SPARK-25319 Spark MLlib, GraphX 2.4 QA umbrella
>> SPARK-25378 ArrayData.toArray(StringType) assume UTF8String in 2.4
>> SPARK-25327 Update MLlib, GraphX websites for 2.4
>> SPARK-25325 ML, Graph 2.4 QA: Update user guide for new features & APIs
>> SPARK-25326 ML, Graph 2.4 QA: Programming guide update and migration guide
>> Other:
>> SPARK-25346 Document Spark builtin data sources
>> SPARK-25347 Document image data source in doc site
>> SPARK-12978 Skip unnecessary final group-by when input data already
>> clustered with group-by keys
>> SPARK-20184 performance regression for complex/long sql when enable
>> whole stage codegen
>> SPARK-16196 Optimize in-memory scan performance using ColumnarBatches
>> SPARK-15693 Write schema definition out for file-based data sources to
>> avoid schema inference
>> SPARK-23597 Audit Spark SQL code base for non-interpreted expressions
>> SPARK-25179 Document the features that require Pyarrow 0.10
>> SPARK-25110 make sure Flume streaming connector works with Spark 2.4
>> SPARK-21318 The exception message thrown by `lookupFunction` is ambiguous.
>> SPARK-24464 Unit tests for MLlib's Instrumentation
>> SPARK-23197 Flaky test: spark.streaming.ReceiverSuite."receiver_life_cycle"
>> SPARK-22809 pyspark is sensitive to imports with dots
>> SPARK-22739 Additional Expression Support for Objects
>> SPARK-22231 Support of map, filter, withColumn, dropColumn in nested
>> list of structures
>> SPARK-21030 extend hint syntax to support any expression for Python and R
>> SPARK-22386 Data Source V2 improvements
>> SPARK-15117 Generate code that get a value in each compressed column
>> from CachedBatch when DataFrame.cache() is called
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