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From Meethu Mathew <>
Subject Filtering based on a float value with more than one decimal place not working correctly in Pyspark dataframe
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2018 05:45:52 GMT
Hi all,

I tried the following code and the output was not as expected.

schema = StructType([StructField('Id', StringType(), False),
>                      StructField('Value', FloatType(), False)])
> df_test = spark.createDataFrame([('a',5.0),('b',1.236),('c',-0.31)],schema)


Output :  DataFrame[Id: string, Value: float]
[image: image.png]
But when the value is given as a string, it worked.

[image: image.png]
Again tried with a floating point number with one decimal place and it
[image: image.png]
And when the equals operation is changed to greater than or less than, its
working with more than one decimal place numbers
[image: image.png]
Is this a bug?

Meethu Mathew

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