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From Hyukjin Kwon <>
Subject Resolving all JIRAs affecting EOL releases
Date Wed, 15 May 2019 09:24:55 GMT
Hi all,

I would like to propose to resolve all JIRAs that affects EOL releases -
2.2 and below. and affected version
not specified. I was rather against this way and considered this as last
resort in roughly 3 years ago
when we discussed. Now I think we should go ahead with this. See below.

I have been talking care of this for so long time almost every day those 3
years. The number of JIRAs
keeps increasing and it does never go down. Now the number is going over
2500 JIRAs.
Did you guys know? in JIRA, we can only go through page by page up to 1000
items. So, currently we're even
having difficulties to go through every JIRA. We should manually filter out
and check each.
The number is going over the manageable size.

I am not suggesting this without anything actually trying. This is what we
have tried within my visibility:

  1. In roughly 3 years ago, Sean tried to gather committers and even
non-committers people to sort
    out this number. At that time, we were only able to keep this number as
is. After we lost this momentum,
    it kept increasing back.
  2. At least I scanned _all_ the previous JIRAs at least more than two
times and resolved them. Roughly
    once a year. The rest of them are mostly obsolete but not enough
information to investigate further.
  3. I strictly stick to "Contributing to JIRA Maintenance" and
    resolve JIRAs.
  4. Promoting other people to comment on JIRA or actively resolve them.

One of the facts I realised is the increasing number of committers doesn't
virtually help this much (although
it might be helpful if somebody active in JIRA becomes a committer.)

One of the important thing I should note is that, it's now almost pretty
difficult to reproduce and test the
issues found in EOL releases. We should git clone, checkout, build and
test. And then, see if that issue
still exists in upstream, and fix. This is non-trivial overhead.

Therefore, I would like to propose resolving _all_ the JIRAs that targets
EOL releases - 2.2 and below.
Please let me know if anyone has some concerns or objections.


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