FYI, three more patches landed to `branch-2.4` until yesterday.

[SPARK-28642][SQL][2.4] Hide credentials in show create table
[SPARK-27330][SS][2.4] support task abort in foreach writer
[SPARK-28025][SS][2.4] Fix FileContextBasedCheckpointFileManager leaking crc files

For some non-blocker issues like `[SPARK-28778][MESOS] Fixed executors advertised address ...`,
we can have it if it lands before `2.4.4-rc2` tag creation. I'll make `2.4.4-rc2` tag tomorrow.

Please let me know if there is blocker issues.


On Thu, Aug 22, 2019 at 9:28 AM Dongjoon Hyun <> wrote:
Hi, All.

This 2.4.4 RC1 vote fails and the reported PRs are merged to `branch-2.4`.
The following is the commit list since `v2.4.4-rc1` tag.

Preparing development version 2.4.5-SNAPSHOT
[SPARK-28749][TEST][BRANCH-2.4] Fix PySpark tests not to require kafka-0-8
[SPARK-28775][CORE][TESTS] Skip date 8633 in Kwajalein due to changes in tzdata2018i that only some JDK 8s use
[SPARK-28777][PYTHON][DOCS] Fix format_string doc string with the correct parameters
[SPARK-28650][SS][DOC] Correct explanation of guarantee for ForeachWriter
[SPARK-26895][CORE][2.4] prepareSubmitEnvironment should be called within doAs for proxy users
[SPARK-28699][SQL] Disable using radix sort for ShuffleExchangeExec in repartition case
[SPARK-28780][ML][2.4] deprecate LinearSVCModel.setWeightCol
[SPARK-28699][CORE][2.4] Fix a corner case for aborting indeterminate stage

Please let me know if we need more patches.
I'm going to cut `2.4.4-rc2` tag during weekend and starts RC2 on next Monday.


On Tue, Aug 20, 2019 at 5:01 AM Sean Owen <> wrote:
Sounds fine, we probably needed SPARK-28775 anyway. I merged that and
SPARK-28749. It looks like it's just the one you're talking about
right now, SPARK-28699.
The rest of the tests seemed to pass OK, release looks good, but bears
more testing by everyone out there before a next RC.

On Tue, Aug 20, 2019 at 12:10 AM Wenchen Fan <> wrote:
> Unfortunately, I need to -1.
> Recently we found that the repartition correctness bug can still be reproduced. The root cause has been identified and there are 2 PRs to fix 2 related issues:
> I think we should have this fix in 2.3 and 2.4.
> Thanks,
> Wenchen
> On Tue, Aug 20, 2019 at 7:32 AM Dongjoon Hyun <> wrote:
>> Thank you for testing, Sean and Herman.
>> There are three reporting until now.
>> 1. SPARK-28775 is for JDK 8u221+ testing at Apache Spark 3.0/2.4/2.3.
>> 2. SPARK-28749 is for Scala 2.12 Python testing at Apache Spark 2.4 only.
>> 3. SPARK-28699 is for disabling radix sort for ShuffleExchangeExec at Apache Spark 3.0/2.4/2.3.
>> Both (1) and (2) are nice-to-have and test-only fixes. (3) could be a correctness issue, but it seems that there are some other approaches.
>> I'm monitoring all reports. Let's see. For now, I'd like to continue 2.4.4 RC1 voting for more testing.
>> Bests,
>> Dongjoon.