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From Dongjoon Hyun <>
Subject Re: Auto-closing PRs when there are no feedback or response from its author
Date Wed, 09 Oct 2019 06:02:02 GMT
Thank you for keeping eyes on this difficult issue, Hyukjin.

Although we try our best, there exist some corner cases always. For

1. Although we close old JIRA issues on EOL-version only, but some issues
doesn't have `Affected Versions` field  info at all.

2. Although we can do auto-close PRs that have a merge conflict and haven't
been updated in months, but some PRs don't have conflicts.
    - (Actually, this is the
oldest PR due to the above reason.)

So, I'm +1 for trying to add a new manual tagging process
because I believe it's better than no-activity status and that sounds
softer than the direct closing due to the grace-period.


On Tue, Oct 8, 2019 at 7:26 PM Sean Owen <> wrote:

> I'm generally all for closing pretty old PRs. They can be reopened
> easily. Closing a PR (a particular proposal for how to resolve an
> issue) is less drastic than closing a JIRA (a description of an
> issue). Closing them just delivers the reality, that nobody is going
> to otherwise revisit it, and can actually prompt a few contributors to
> update or revisit their proposal.
> I wouldn't necessarily want to adopt new process or tools though. Is
> it not sufficient to auto-close PRs that have a merge conflict and
> haven't been updated in months? or just haven't been updated in a
> year? Those are probably manual-ish processes, but, don't need to
> happen more than a couple times a year.
> If there's little overhead to adoption, cool, though I doubt people
> will consistently use a new tag. I'd prefer any process or tool that
> implements the above.
> On Tue, Oct 8, 2019 at 8:19 PM Hyukjin Kwon <> wrote:
> >
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I think we talked about this before. Roughly speaking, there are two
> cases of PRs:
> >   1. PRs waiting for review and 2. PRs waiting for author's reaction
> > We might not have to take an action but wait for reviewing for the first
> case.
> > However, we can ping and/or take an action for the second case.
> >
> > I noticed (at Read the Docs,
> there's one bot integrated with Github app that does exactly what we want
> (see
> >
> > 1. Maintainers (committers) can add a tag to a PR (e.g.,
> need-more-information)
> > 2. If the PR author responds with a comment or update, the bot removes
> the tag
> > 3. If the PR author does not respond, the bot closes the PR after
> waiting for the configured number of days.
> >
> > We already have a kind of simple mechanism for windowing the number of
> JIRAs. I think it's time to have such mechanism in Github PR as well.
> >
> > Although this repo doesn't look popular or widely used enough, seems
> exactly matched to what we want and less aggressive since this mechanism
> will only work when maintainers (committers) add a tag to a PR.
> >
> > WDYT guys?
> >
> > I cc'ed few people who I think were in the past similar discussions.
> >

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