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From Tom Graves <>
Subject Re: Apache Spark Docker image repository
Date Thu, 06 Feb 2020 19:19:16 GMT
 When discussions of docker have occurred in the past - mostly related to k8s - there is a
lot of discussion about what is the right image to publish, as well as making sure Apache
is ok with it. Apache official release is the source code so we may need to make sure to have
disclaimer and we need to make sure it doesn't contain anything licensed that it shouldn't.
 What happens when one of the docker images we publish has security update. We would need
to make sure all the legal bases are covered first.  
Then the discussion comes into what is in the docker images and how useful it is. People run
different os's, different python versions, etc. And like Sean mentioned how useful really
is it other then a few examples.  Some discussions on

    On Wednesday, February 5, 2020, 02:16:37 PM CST, Dongjoon Hyun <>
 Hi, All.
>From 2020, shall we have an official Docker image repository as an additional distribution
I'm considering the following images.
    - Public binary release (no snapshot image)    - Public non-Spark base image (OS +
R + Python)      (This can be used in GitHub Action Jobs and Jenkins K8s Integration Tests
to speed up jobs and to have more stabler environments)
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