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From "Kazuaki Ishizaki" <>
Subject RE: [DISCUSS] naming policy of Spark configs
Date Thu, 13 Feb 2020 07:13:21 GMT
+1 if we add them to Alternative config.

Kazuaki Ishizaki

From:   Takeshi Yamamuro <>
To:     Wenchen Fan <>
Cc:     Spark dev list <>
Date:   2020/02/13 16:02
Subject:        [EXTERNAL] Re: [DISCUSS] naming policy of Spark configs

+1; the idea sounds reasonable.


On Thu, Feb 13, 2020 at 12:39 PM Wenchen Fan <> wrote:
Hi Dongjoon,

It's too much work to revisit all the configs that added in 3.0, but I'll 
revisit the recent commits that update config names and see if they follow 
the new policy.

Hi Reynold,

There are a few interval configs:

I think it's better to put the interval unit in the config name, like 
`executorPollIntervalMs`. Also the config should be created with 
`.timeConf`, so that users can set values like "1 second", "2 minutes", 

There is no config that uses date/timestamp as value AFAIK.


On Thu, Feb 13, 2020 at 11:29 AM Jungtaek Lim <> wrote:
+1 Thanks for the proposal. Looks very reasonable to me.

On Thu, Feb 13, 2020 at 10:53 AM Hyukjin Kwon <> wrote:

2020년 2월 13일 (목) 오전 9:30, Gengliang Wang <>님이 작성:
+1, this is really helpful. We should make the SQL configurations 
consistent and more readable.

On Wed, Feb 12, 2020 at 3:33 PM Rubén Berenguel <> 
I love it, it will make configs easier to read and write. Thanks Wenchen. 


On 13 Feb 2020, at 00:15, Dongjoon Hyun <> wrote:

Thank you, Wenchen.

The new policy looks clear to me. +1 for the explicit policy.

So, are we going to revise the existing conf names before 3.0.0 release?

Or, is it applied to new up-coming configurations from now?


On Wed, Feb 12, 2020 at 7:43 AM Wenchen Fan <> wrote:
Hi all,

I'd like to discuss the naming policy of Spark configs, as for now it 
depends on personal preference which leads to inconsistent namings.

In general, the config name should be a noun that describes its meaning 
Good examples:
Bad examples:
spark.sql.defaultSizeInBytes (default size for what?)

Also note that, config name has many parts, joined by dots. Each part is a 
namespace. Don't create namespace unnecessarily.
Good example:
Bad examples: ("in" is not a useful 
namespace, better to be .buffer.inMemoryThreshold)

For a big feature, usually we need to create an umbrella config to turn it 
on/off, and other configs for fine-grained controls. These configs should 
share the same namespace, and the umbrella config should be named like 
featureName.enabled. For example:
spark.sql.cbo.joinReorder.dp.threshold (BTW "dp" is not a good namespace
spark.sql.cbo.joinReorder.card.weight (BTW "card" is not a good namespace

For boolean configs, in general it should end with a verb, e.g. 
spark.sql.join.preferSortMergeJoin. If the config is for a feature and you 
can't find a good verb for the feature, featureName.enabled is also good.

I'll update after we reach a 
consensus here. Any comments are welcome!


Takeshi Yamamuro

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