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From Enrico Minack <>
Subject Fwd: dataframe null safe joins given a list of columns
Date Sat, 08 Feb 2020 15:56:20 GMT
Hi Devs,

I am forwarding this from the user mailing list. I agree that the <=> 
version of join(Dataset[_], Seq[String]) would be useful.

Does any PMC consider this useful enough to be added to the Dataset API? 
I'd be happy to create a PR in that case.


-------- Weitergeleitete Nachricht --------
Betreff: 	dataframe null safe joins given a list of columns
Datum: 	Thu, 6 Feb 2020 12:45:11 +0000
Von: 	Marcelo Valle <>
An: 	user @spark <>

I was surprised I couldn't find a way of solving this in spark, as it 
must be a very common problem for users. Then I decided to ask here.

Consider the code bellow:

val joinColumns = Seq("a", "b")
val df1 = Seq(("a1", "b1", "c1"), ("a2", "b2", "c2"), ("a4", null, 
"c4")).toDF("a", "b", "c")
val df2 = Seq(("a1", "b1", "d1"), ("a3", "b3", "d3"), ("a4", null, 
"d4")).toDF("a", "b", "d")
df1.join(df2, joinColumns).show()

The output is :

|  a|  b|  c|  d|
| a1| b1| c1| d1|

But I want it to be:

|  a|    b|  c|  d|
| a1|   b1| c1| d1|
| a4| null| c4| d4|

The join syntax of `df1.join(df2, joinColumns)` has some advantages, as 
it doesn't create duplicate columns by default. However, it uses the 
operator `===` to join, not the null safe one `<=>`.

Using the following syntax:

df1.join(df2, df1("a") <=> df2("a") && df1("b") <=> df2("b")).show()

Would produce:

|  a|   b|  c|  a|   b|  d|
| a1|  b1| c1| a1|  b1| d1|
| a4|null| c4| a4|null| d4|

So to get the result I really want, I must do:

df1.join(df2, df1("a") <=> df2("a") && df1("b") <=> 
|  a|   b|  c|  d|
| a1|  b1| c1| d1|
| a4|null| c4| d4|

Which works, but is really verbose, especially when you have many join 

Is there a better way of solving this without needing a utility method? 
This same problem is something I find in every spark project.

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