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From Alfie Davidson <>
Subject [SPARK SQL] Make max multi table join limit configurable in OptimizeSkewedJoin
Date Sat, 12 Sep 2020 19:28:38 GMT
Hi All,

First time contributing, so reaching out by email before creating a JIRA ticket and PR. I
would like to propose a small change/enhancement to OptimizeSkewedJoin.

Currently, OptimizeSkewedJoin has a hardcoded limit for multi table joins (limit = 2). For
processes that have multiple joins (n > 2) OptimizeSkewedJoin will only be considered for
two of the n joins.

Code comment suggests it is currently defaulted to 2 due to too many complex combinations
to consider etc, however, it would be good to allow users to override/configure this via the
Spark Config, as complexity can be use case dependent.

Add spark.sql.adaptive.skewJoin.maxMultiTableJoin (default = 2) to SQLConf
Update OptimizeSkewedJoin to consider above configuration
If user sets > 2 log a warning to indicate complexity

If people think this is a good idea and useful please let me know and I will proceed.

Kind Regards,


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