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From Koert Kuipers <>
Subject Re: Scala 3 support approach
Date Sun, 18 Oct 2020 20:33:09 GMT
i think scala 3.0 will be able to use libraries built with Scala 2.13 (as
long as they dont use macros)


On Sun, Oct 18, 2020 at 9:54 AM Sean Owen <> wrote:

> Spark depends on a number of Scala libraries, so needs them all to support
> version X before Spark can. This only happened for 2.13 about 4-5 months
> ago. I wonder if even a fraction of the necessary libraries have 3.0
> support yet?
> It can be difficult to test and support multiple Scala versions
> simultaneously. 2.11 has already been dropped and 2.13 is coming, but it
> might be hard to have a code base that works for 2.12, 2.13, and 3.0.
> So one dependency could be, when can 2.12 be dropped? And with Spark
> supporting 2.13 only early next year, and user apps migrating over a year
> or more, it seems difficult to do that anytime soon.
> I think Spark 3 support is eventually desirable, so maybe the other way to
> resolve that is to show that Spark 3 support doesn't interfere much with
> maintenance of 2.12/2.13 support. I am a little bit skeptical of it, just
> because the 2.11->2.12 and 2.12->2.13 changes were fairly significant, let
> alone 2.13->3.0 I'm sure, but I don't know.
> That is, if we start to have to implement workarounds are parallel code
> trees and so on for 3.0 support, and if it can't be completed for a while
> to come because of downstream dependencies, then it may not be worth
> iterating in the code base yet or even considering.
> You can file an umbrella JIRA to track it, yes, with a possible target of
> Spark 4.0. Non-intrusive changes can go in anytime. We may not want to get
> into major ones until later.
> On Sat, Oct 17, 2020 at 8:49 PM gemelen <> wrote:
>> Hi all!
>> I'd like to ask for an opinion and discuss the next thing:
>> at this moment in general Spark could be built with Scala 2.11 and 2.12
>> (mostly), and close to the point to have support for Scala 2.13. On the
>> other hand, Scala 3 is going into the pre-release phase (with 3.0.0-M1
>> released at the beginning of October).
>> Previously, support of the current Scala version by Spark was a bit
>> behind of desired state, dictated by all circumstances. To move things
>> differently with Scala 3 I'd like to contribute my efforts (and help others
>> if there would be any) to support it starting as soon as possible (ie to
>> have Spark build compiled with Scala 3 and to have release artifacts when
>> it would be possible).
>> I suggest that it would require to add an experimental profile to the
>> build file so further changes to compile, test and run other tasks could be
>> done in incremental manner (with respect to compatibility with current code
>> for versions 2.12 and 2.13 and backporting where possible). I'd like to do
>> it that way since I do not represent any company, contribute in my own time
>> and thus cannot guarantee consistent time spent on this (so just in case of
>> anything such contribution would not be left in the fork repo).
>> In fact, with recent changes to move Spark build to use the latest SBT,
>> such starting changes are pretty small on the SBT side (about 10 LOC) and I
>> was already able to see how build fails with Scala 3 compiler :)
>> To summarize:
>> 1. Is this approach suitable for the project at this moment, so it would
>> be accepted and accounted for in the release schedule (in 2021 I assume)?
>> 2. how should it be filed, as an umbrella Jira ticket with minor tasks or
>> as a SPIP at first with more thorough analysis?

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