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From Philip Ogren <>
Subject Re: set up spark in eclipse
Date Mon, 28 Oct 2013 21:30:19 GMT
Hi Arun,

I had recent success getting a Spark project set up in Eclipse Juno.  
Here are the notes that I wrote down for the rest of my team that you 
may perhaps find useful:

Spark version 0.8.0 requires Scala version 2.9.3. This is a bit 
inconvenient because Scala is now on version 2.10.3 and the latest and 
greatest versions of the Scala IDE plugin for Eclipse work with the 
latest versions of Scala. Getting a Scala plugin for Eclipse for version 
2.9.3 requires a little bit of effort (but not too much.)The following 
link has information about using Eclipse with Scala 
2.9.3: 3.0.0 supports 
Scala 2.9.3 and there are two update sites (in green boxes). One is for 
Eclipse Juno: 
<>So, download 
Eclipse Juno SR2 64-bit for windows from and add the Scala 
IDE using the above update site. If you can't get theupdate site to 
work, then you may need to download a zip file that is a 
downloadableupdate site from 


On 10/26/2013 11:20 PM, Arun Kumar wrote:
> Hi
> I was trying to set up spark project in eclipse. I used sbt way to 
> create a simple spark project as desc in documentation [1].  Then i 
> used sbteclipse plugin[2] to create the eclipse project. But I am 
> getting errors when I import the project in eclipse. I seem to be 
> getting it because the project is using scala 2.10.1 version and there 
> is no easy way to use scala 2.9.2. Was anybody else more successfull 
> in setting this up. Are there any other IDEs I could use? Can maven be 
> used to create the scala/spark project and import it into eclipse?
> 1. 
> 2.
> Thanks

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