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From Craig Vanderborgh <>
Subject Logging from Spark Jobs on a Mesos Cluster
Date Tue, 15 Oct 2013 20:03:51 GMT
Hello All,

I now have a real mesos dev cluster set up and it appears to be working.
There is one major weirdness though that I need help with.

First, my configuration is the following:

Chronos 1.0 snapshot running on single-node zookeeper (localhost:2181)
Mesos-0.14.0-rc4 (a Mesosphere branch)

The problem is this: Let's say that I run the SparkPi job as follows, from

/usr/sbin/run spark.examples.SparkPi mesos:5050 1000

The log output from the job does not get output anywhere!

SO, then I changed this test to redirect the output to a file on /tmp:

/usr/sbin/run spark.examples.SparkPi mesos:5050 1000 >& /tmp/sparkpi.log

This WORKS, but the log file comes out on "one of" the cluster nodes, not
the Mesos master, and not the Chronos machine, although it DOES come out on
the expected machine SOME of the time.

In other words: the log output appears variously on the Mesos node that
ends up running the driver program.  This is nasty!

What is the correct way to log from Spark jobs on a Mesos cluster so that
the output appears at a predictable, expected place?

Please advise.

Thanks in advance,
Craig Vanderborgh

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