Yes the driver would run on the machine from which you launch your spark job. As for sharing cached RDDs, I don't think it's possible up until 0.8.1. The RDDs are not available across spark contexts, if my understanding is right. 

If you still want to share RDDs, then you might have write a single service that maintains the cached RDD and the various other apps that want to access that RDD talk to that service. If I understand right, Shark handles SQL queries like this.

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We have different developers sharing a Spark cluster, and we don't  let developers touch the master server. Each of the developers will commit their application from their desktop, then does each driver run on their desktops?
Buy the way, can developers share cached RDDs.

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Driver is the process that manages the execution across the cluster. So say your application is a "sql query" then the system spawns a shark-cli-driver that uses spark framework, hdfs etc to execute the query and deliver result. All this happens automatically so you dont need to worry about it as a user of spark/shark framework. Just go for a bigger machine with a master.

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Thanks for your reply, I am new hand at Spark, does driver mean the server where user applications are commit?

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Master server needs to be a little beefy as the driver runs on it. We ran into some issues around scaling due to master servers. You can offload the drivers to workers or other machines then the master server can be smaller. 

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I read the following article regarding to hardware configurations for the worker servers in the standalone cluster mode, but what about the master server?


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