You can set the spark.cores.max property in your application to limit the maximum number of cores it will take. Checko ut Itís also possible to control scheduling in more detail within a Spark application, or if you run on other cluster managers, like Mesos. Thatís described in more detail here:


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What are my options to balance resources between multiple applications running against a Spark cluster?

I am using the standalone cluster [1] setup on my local machine, and starting a single application uses all the available cores. As long as that first application is running, no other application does any processing.

I tried to run more workers using less cores with SPARK_WORKER_CORES, but the single application still takes everything (see ).

Is there any strategy to reallocate resources based on number of applications running against the cluster, or is the design mostly geared towards having a single application running at a time?

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