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From Alan Burlison <>
Subject Re: Building spark with native library support
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2014 18:38:03 GMT
On 06/03/2014 17:44, Matei Zaharia wrote:

> Is it an error, or just a warning? In any case, you need to get those
> libraries from a build of Hadoop for your platform. Then add them to
> the SPARK_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable in conf/, or
> to your -Djava.library.path if launching an application separately.

OK, thanks. Is it possible to get Spark to build using an existing 
Hadoop build tree, or does Spark insist on building its own Hadoop? The 
instructions at seem to 
suggest that it always builds its own Hadoop version.

I may also have to fiddle with Hadoop to get it to build on Solaris if 
the instructions at

are still relevant.

> These libraries just speed up some compression codecs BTW, so it
> should be fine to run without them too.

Yes, it works as-is but I have a need for speed :-)


Alan Burlison

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