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From Diana Carroll <>
Subject building Spark docs
Date Wed, 12 Mar 2014 18:39:17 GMT
Hi all.  I needed to build the Spark docs.  The basic instructions to do
this are in spark/docs/ but it took me quite a bit of playing
around to actually get it working on my system.

In case this is useful to anyone else, thought I'd post.  This is what I
did to build the docs on a CentOS 6.4 system:


1.     1. Install Ruby Gems

cd /tmp


tar zxvf rubygems-2.1.11.tgz

cd rubygems-2.1.11

sudo ruby setup.rb --no-rdoc #error but seems to work anyway?

sudo yum install ruby-devel

sudo gem install kramdown #Error but worked?

2.     2. Install rdoc

sudo gem install rdoc # error but seems to work?

3.     3. Install jekyll

sudo gem install jekyll

4.     4. Install epydoc

cd /tmp


tar xvxf epydoc-3.0.1.tar.gz

cd epydoc-3.0.1

sudo make install

Building the docs:

cd $SPARK_HOME/docs

jekyll build

The base file is $SPARK_HOME/docs/_site/index.html

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