On 03/21/2014 06:17 PM, anoldbrain [via Apache Spark User List] wrote:
> he actual <address>, which in turn causes the 'Fail to bind to ...'
> error. This comes naturally because the slave that is running the code
> to bind to <address>:<port> has a different ip.
I ran sudo ./run-example
spark://<spark_master_hostname>:7077 <worker_hostname> 7781 on
<worker_hostname> and still it shows

14/03/21 13:12:12 ERROR scheduler.NetworkInputTracker: De-registered
receiver for network stream 0 with message
org.jboss.netty.channel.ChannelException: Failed to bind
to:<worker_hostname> /<worker_ipaddress>:7781
14/03/21 13:12:12 INFO spark.SparkContext: Job finished: runJob at
NetworkInputTracker.scala:182, took 0.530447982 s
14/03/21 13:12:14 INFO scheduler.NetworkInputTracker: Stream 0 received
0 blocks

Weird issue. I need to setup spark streaming and make it run. I am
thinking to switch to kafka. I havent checked it yet but i dont see a
work around for this. Any help would be good. I am making changes in the
flume.conf and checking different settings.

Thank you.

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