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From Tom Graves <>
Subject Re: configure spark history server for running on Yarn
Date Mon, 05 May 2014 14:10:51 GMT
Since 1.0 is still in development you can pick up the latest docs in git:

I didn't see anywhere that you said you started the spark history server?

there are multiple things that need to happen for the spark history server to work.

1) configure your application to save the history logs - see the eventLog settings here

2) On yarn -  know the host/port where you are going to start the spark history server and
configure: spark.yarn.historyServer.address to point to it.  Note that this purely makes
the link from the ResourceManager UI properly point to the Spark History Server Daemon.

3) Start the spark history server pointing to the same directory as specified in your application

4) run your application. once it finishes then you can either go to the RM UI to link to the
spark history UI or go directly to the spark history server ui.

On Thursday, May 1, 2014 7:09 PM, Jenny Zhao <> wrote:

I have installed spark 1.0 from the branch-1.0, build went fine, and I have tried running
the example on Yarn client mode, here is my command: 

/home/hadoop/spark-branch-1.0/bin/spark-submit /home/hadoop/spark-branch-1.0/examples/target/scala-2.10/spark-examples-1.0.0-hadoop2.2.0.jar
--master yarn --deploy-mode client --executor-memory 6g --executor-cores 3 --driver-memory
3g --name SparkPi --num-executors 2 --class org.apache.spark.examples.SparkPi yarn-client

after the run, I was not being able to retrieve the log from Yarn's web UI, while I have tried
to specify the history server in 

export SPARK_DAEMON_JAVA_OPTS="-Dspark.yarn.historyServer.address=master:18080"

I also tried to specify it in spark-defaults.conf, doesn't work as well, I would appreciate
if someone can tell me what is the way of specifying it either in or spark-defaults.conf,
so that this option can be applied to any spark application. 

another thing I found is the usage output for spark-submit is not complete/not in sync with
the online documentation, hope it is addressed with the formal release. 

and is this the latest documentation for spark 1.0?

Thank you! 
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