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From "haitao .yao" <>
Subject Driver OOM while using reduceByKey
Date Thu, 29 May 2014 09:03:10 GMT

     I used 1g memory for the driver java process and got OOM error on
driver side before reduceByKey. After analyzed the heap dump, the biggest
object is org.apache.spark.MapStatus, which occupied over 900MB memory.

Here's my question:

1. Is there any optimization switches that I can tune to avoid this? I have
used the compression on output with

2. Why the workers send all the data back to driver to run reduceByKey?
With the current implementation, if I use reduceByKey on TBs of data, that
will be a disaster for driver. Maybe I'm wrong about the assumption of the
spark implementation.

And here's my code snippet:


    val cntNew = spark.accumulator(0)

    val cntOld = spark.accumulator(0)

    val cntErr = spark.accumulator(0)

    val sequenceFileUrl = args(0)

    val seq = spark.sequenceFile[Text, BytesWritable](sequenceFileUrl)

    val stat = => convertData(

      pair._2, cntNew, cntOld, cntErr

    )).reduceByKey(_ + _)






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