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From Eugen Cepoi <>
Subject spark 0.9.1 textFile hdfs unknown host exception
Date Fri, 09 May 2014 08:51:38 GMT

I have some strange behaviour when using textFile to read some data from
HDFS in spark 0.9.1.
I get UnknownHost exceptions,  where hadoop client tries to resolve the
dfs.nameservices and fails.

So far:
 - this has been tested inside the shell
 - the exact same code works with spark-0.8.1
 - the shell is launched with HADOOP_CONF_DIR pointing to our HA conf
 - if before that some other rdd is created from HDFS and succeeds than,
this works also (might be related in the way the default hadoop
configuration is being shared?)
 - if using the new MR API it works
   sc.newAPIHadoopFile(path, classOf[TextInputFormat],
classOf[LongWritable], classOf[Text],

Hadoop disitribution: 2.0.0-cdh4.1.2
Spark 0.9.1 - packaged with correct version of hadoop


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