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From Patrick Donovan <>
Subject pyspark python exceptions / py4j exceptions
Date Thu, 08 May 2014 19:52:05 GMT

I'm trying to write a python function that does something like:

def foo(line):
        return stuff(line)
    except Exception:
        raise MoreInformativeException(line)

and then use it in a map like so:

and have my MoreInformativeException make it back if/when something goes
wrong, but all I can get back are errors like:

Py4JJavaError(u'An error occurred while calling o50.saveAsTextFile.\n',
JavaObject id=o51)

Is there any way to recover my MoreInformativeException back in python
land? If I reach into java via py4j can I get it back somehow? If so, how?


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