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From Keith Simmons <>
Subject Spark Memory Bounds
Date Wed, 28 May 2014 00:33:47 GMT
I'm trying to determine how to bound my memory use in a job working with
more data than can simultaneously fit in RAM.  From reading the tuning
guide, my impression is that Spark's memory usage is roughly the following:

(A) In-Memory RDD use + (B) In memory Shuffle use + (C) Transient memory
used by all currently running tasks

I can bound A with and I can bound B with
 I'm wondering how to bound C.

It's been hinted at a few times on this mailing list that you can reduce
memory use by increasing the number of partitions.  That leads me to
believe that the amount of transient memory is roughly follows:

total_data_set_size/number_of_partitions *

Does this sound right?  In other words, as I increase the number of
partitions, the size of each partition will decrease, and since each task
is processing a single partition and there are a bounded number of tasks in
flight, my memory use has a rough upper limit.


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