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From pedro <>
Subject Re: Initial job has not accepted any resources
Date Mon, 05 May 2014 01:59:56 GMT
Hi Jeremy,

I am running from the most recent release, 0.9. I just fixed the problem, and it is indeed
correct setting of variables in deployment.

Once I had the cluster I wanted running, I began to suspect that master was not responding.
So I killed a worker, then recreated it, and found it could not connect to master. So I killed
master and remade it, then remade the worker. Odd things happened, but it seemed like I was
on the right track.

So I stopped all, then restarted all, then tried again and it began to work. So now, after
probably around 6 hours of debugging, I have EC2 working (yay).

Next thing that we are trying to debug is that when we build our project on EC2, it can’t
find breeze, and when we try to include it as a spark example (under the correct directory),
it also can’t find it. The first occurs as a runtime error and is a NoClassDefFoundError
for breeze/linalg/DenseVector which makes me think that breeze isn’t on the cluster and
also isn’t being built with our project (and sbt assembly is acting strange). The second
is a compile time error, which is odd because other examples in the same directory use breeze
and I don’t find anything that specifies their dependencies.

Pedro Rodriguez
UCBerkeley 2014 | Computer Science
BSU Cryosphere Science Research
SnowGeek Founder

On May 4, 2014 at 6:51:56 PM, Jeremy Freeman [via Apache Spark User List] (

Hey Pedro,

>From which version of Spark were you running the script? You might have run
into the problem described here (,
which Patrick just fixed up to ensure backwards compatibility.

With the bug, it would successfully complete deployment but prevent the correct setting of
various variables, so may have caused the errors you were seeing, though I'm not positive.

I'd definitely try re-running the spark-ec2 script now.

-- Jeremy

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