Hi, Adrian --

If my memory serves, you need 1.7.7 of the various slf4j modules to avoid that issue.

-- Paul

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On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 7:51 AM, Adrian Mocanu <amocanu@verticalscope.com> wrote:

Hey guys,

I've asked before, in Spark 0.9 - I now use 0.9.1, about removing log4j dependency and was told that it was gone. However I still find it part of zookeeper imports. This is fine since I exclude it myself in the sbt file, but another issue arises.

I wonder if anyone else has run into this.


Spark uses log4j v1.2.17 and slf4j-log4j12:1.7.2

I use slf4j 1.7.5, logback 1.0.13, and log4joverslf4j v 1.7.5


I think my slf4j 1.7.5 doesn't agree with what zookeeper expects in its log4j v 1.2.17 because I get missing method error:

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.apache.log4j.Logger.setLevel(Lorg/apache/log4j/Level;)V

                at org.apache.spark.util.AkkaUtils$$anonfun$createActorSystem$1.apply(AkkaUtils.scala:58)

                at org.apache.spark.util.AkkaUtils$$anonfun$createActorSystem$1.apply(AkkaUtils.scala:58)

                at scala.Option.map(Option.scala:145)

                at org.apache.spark.util.AkkaUtils$.createActorSystem(AkkaUtils.scala:58)

                at org.apache.spark.SparkEnv$.create(SparkEnv.scala:126)

                at org.apache.spark.SparkContext.<init>(SparkContext.scala:139)

                at org.apache.spark.streaming.StreamingContext$.createNewSparkContext(StreamingContext.scala:500)

                at org.apache.spark.streaming.StreamingContext.<init>(StreamingContext.scala:76)



Is there a way to find out what versions of slf4j I need to make it work with log4j 1.2.17?