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From nilmish <>
Subject Problem in Spark Streaming
Date Tue, 10 Jun 2014 09:56:57 GMT
I am running a spark streaming job to count top 10 hashtags over last 5 mins
window, querying every 1 sec. 

It is taking approx <1.4 sec (end-to-end-delay) to answer most of the query
but there are few instances in between when it takes considerable more
amount of time (like around 15 sec) due to which the response time of
further queries also becomes more.  I am not able to debug the reason for
such spikes in between.  The data rate is nearly constant, so this spike is
not due to sudden increase in the data rate. 

Also is there any way so that I can fix a bound on time taken by a
particular query. Like if a particular query takes more than say 2 sec then
it should kill that query and move on to the next query. So that if a
particular query takes more time then it do not effect future queries.


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