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From ldmtwo <>
Subject How do you run your spark app?
Date Thu, 19 Jun 2014 18:36:08 GMT
I want to ask this, not because I can't read endless documentation and
several tutorials, but because there seems to be many ways of doing things
and I keep having issues. How do you run /your /spark app?

I had it working when I was only using yarn+hadoop1 (Cloudera), then I had
to get Spark and Shark working and ended upgrading everything and dropped
CDH support. Anyways, this is what I used with master=yarn-client and
app_jar being Scala code compiled with Maven.

java -cp $CLASSPATH -Dspark.jars=$APP_JAR -Dspark.master=$MASTER $CLASSNAME

Do you use this? or something else? I could never figure out this method.

For example:
bin/spark-class jar
pi 10 10

Do you use SBT or Maven to compile? or something else?

** It seams that I can't get subscribed to the mailing list and I tried both
my work email and personal.

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