as brian g alluded to earlier, you can use DStream.mapPartitions() to return  the partition-local top 10 for each partition.  once you collect the results from all the partitions, you can do a global top 10 merge sort across all partitions.

this leads to a much much-smaller dataset to be shuffled back to the driver to calculate the global top 10.

On Fri, May 30, 2014 at 5:05 AM, nilmish <> wrote:
My primary goal : To get top 10 hashtag for every 5 mins interval.

I want to do this efficiently. I have already done this by using
reducebykeyandwindow() and then sorting all hashtag in 5 mins interval
taking only top 10 elements. But this is very slow.

So I now I am thinking of retaining only top 10 hashtags in each RDD because
these only could come in the final answer.

I am stuck at : how to retain only top 10 hashtag in each RDD of my DSTREAM
? Basically I need to transform my DTREAM in which each RDD contains only
top 10 hashtags so that number of hashtags in 5 mins interval is low.

If there is some more efficient way of doing this then please let me know
that also.


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