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From Jianshi Huang <>
Subject Ephemeral Hive metastore for HiveContext?
Date Mon, 27 Oct 2014 08:38:47 GMT
There's an annoying small usability issue in HiveContext.

By default, it creates a local metastore which forbids other processes
using HiveContext to be launched from the same directory.

How can I make the metastore local to each HiveContext? Is there an
in-memory metastore configuration? /tmp/xxxx temp folders is one solution,
but it's not elegant and I still need to clean up the files...

I can add hive-site.xml and use a shared metastore, however they'll still
operate in the same catalog space.

(Simple) SQLContext by default uses in-memory catalog which is bound to
each context. Since HiveContext is a subclass, we should make the same
semantics as default. Make sense?

Spark is very much functional and shared nothing, these are wonderful
features. Let's not have something global as a dependency.

Jianshi Huang

LinkedIn: jianshi
Twitter: @jshuang
Github & Blog:

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