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From Ilya Ganelin <>
Subject IOException and appcache FileNotFoundException in Spark 1.02
Date Fri, 10 Oct 2014 00:28:01 GMT
Hi all – I could use some help figuring out a couple of exceptions I’ve
been getting regularly.

I have been running on a fairly large dataset (150 gigs). With smaller
datasets I don't have any issues.

My sequence of operations is as follows – unless otherwise specified, I am
not caching:

Map a 30 million row x 70 col string table to approx 30 mil x  5 string
(For read as textFile I am using 1500 partitions)

>From that, map to ((a,b), score) and reduceByKey, numPartitions = 180

Then, extract distinct values for A and distinct values for B. (I cache the
output of distinct), , numPartitions = 180

Zip with index for A and for B (to remap strings to int)

Join remapped ids with original table

This is then fed into MLLIBs ALS algorithm.

I am running with:

Spark version 1.02 with CDH5.1

numExecutors = 8, numCores = 14

Memory = 12g

MemoryFration = 0.7


My issue is that the code runs fine for a while but then will
non-deterministically crash with either file IOExceptions or the following
obscure error:

14/10/08 13:29:59 INFO TaskSetManager: Loss was due to
Filesystem closed [duplicate 10]

14/10/08 13:30:08 WARN TaskSetManager: Loss was due to
(No such file or directory)

Looking through the logs, I see the IOException in other places but it
appears to be non-catastrophic. The FileNotFoundException, however, is. I
have found the following stack overflow that at least seems to address the

But I have not found anything useful at all with regards to the app cache

Any help would be much appreciated.

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