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From Sung Hwan Chung <>
Subject Is there a way to look at RDD's lineage? Or debug a fault-tolerance error?
Date Wed, 08 Oct 2014 19:01:57 GMT
My job is not being fault-tolerant (e.g., when there's a fetch failure or

The lineage of RDDs are constantly updated every iteration. However, I
think that when there's a failure, the lineage information is not being
correctly reapplied.

It goes something like this:

val rawRDD = read(...)
val repartRDD = rawRDD.repartition(X)

val tx1 =
var tx2 =

while (...) {
  tx2 =

Is there any way to monitor RDD's lineage, maybe even including? I want to
make sure that there's no unexpected things happening.

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