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From Jacob Maloney <>
Subject Issue with java spark broadcast
Date Fri, 10 Oct 2014 21:15:47 GMT
I'm trying to broadcast an accumulator I generated earlier in my app. However I get a nullpointer
exception whenever I reference the value.

		// The start of my accumulator generation
		LookupKeyToIntMap keyToIntMapper = new LookupKeyToIntMap();
		JavaRDD<Tuple2<Integer,Iterable<Long>>> intermediateIntsTuple = intermediatePair.mapPartitionsWithIndex(keyToIntMapper,false);
		JavaPairRDD<Integer,Iterable<Long>> intermediatePairInts = JavaPairRDD.fromJavaRDD(intermediateIntsTuple);

		JavaPairRDD<Integer,Tuple2<Integer,Integer>> sims = intermediatePairInts.mapValues(new
		// I force the RDD to evaluate so to avoid laziness issues
		Map<Integer,Tuple2<Integer,Integer>> simsMap = sims.collectAsMap();

		// Broadcast the map
		// If I include a print statement here on the accumulator I can print the map out succesfully
		broadcastVar = ctx.broadcast(keyToIntMap.value());
		//  Here I try to access the broadcasted map
		JavaPairRDD<Integer,Long> indidIntKeyPair = indidKeyPairFiltered.mapToPair(new PairFunction<Tuple2<String,Long>,
Integer, Long>(){		
			public Tuple2<Integer,Long> call(Tuple2<String,Long> keyVal) throws Exception{
				Integer outInt = broadcastVar.value().inverse().get(keyVal._1);
				return new Tuple2<Integer,Long>(outInt,keyVal._2);

This works when I run it locally just fine but when I move it to a cluster environment it
throws nullpointerexceptions. My questions is why can't I access this map? And what do I have
to do to make it accessible.



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