You will face problems if the spark version isn't compatible with your hadoop version. (Lets say you have hadoop 2.x and you downloaded spark pre-compiled with hadoop 1.x then it would be a problem.) Of course you can use spark without telling about any hadoop configurations unless you are trying to access the HDFS. 

If you are having the spark hadoop version same as your hadoop version then you can set the HADOOP_CONF_DIR=/path/to/your/hadoop/conf/ inside the file inside $SPARK_HOME/conf/

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What is yarn cluster?


And, does spark necessarily need Hadoop already installed in the cluster? For example, can one download spark and run it on a bunch of nodes, with no prior installation of Hadoop?





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You can write `HADOOP_CONF_DIR=your_hadoop_conf_path` to `conf/` to enable:


1 connect to your yarn cluster

2 set `hdfs` as default FileSystem, otherwise you have to write “hdfs://“ before every paths you defined, like: `val input = sc.textFile(“hdfs://user/spark/test.dat”)`


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I’m a newbie with Spark. After installing it on all the machines I want to use, do I need to tell it about Hadoop configuration, or will it be able to find it himself?


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