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From Shannon Quinn <>
Subject Iterative transformations over RDD crashes in phantom reduce
Date Tue, 18 Nov 2014 18:58:55 GMT
Hi all,

This is somewhat related to my previous question (

, for additional context) but for all practical purposes this is its own 

As in my previous question, I'm making iterative changes to an RDD, 
where each iteration depends on the results of the previous one. I've 
stripped down what was previously a loop to just be two sequential edits 
to try and nail down where the problem is. It looks like this:

index = 0
INDEX = sc.broadcast(index)
M = M.flatMap(func1).reduceByKey(func2)
index = 1
INDEX = sc.broadcast(index)
M = M.flatMap(func1)

M is basically a row-indexed matrix, where each index points to a 
dictionary (sparse matrix more or less, with some domain-specific 
modifications). This program crashes on the second-to-last (7th) line; 
the creepy part is that it says the crash happens in "func2" with the 
broadcast variable "INDEX" == 1 (it attempts to access an entry that 
doesn't exist in a dictionary of one of the rows).

How is that even possible? Am I missing something fundamental about how 
Spark works under the hood?

Thanks for your help!


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