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From Niranda Perera <>
Subject Creating a SchemaRDD from an existing API
Date Fri, 28 Nov 2014 06:31:13 GMT

I am evaluating Spark for an analytic component where we do batch
processing of data using SQL.

So, I am particularly interested in Spark SQL and in creating a SchemaRDD
from an existing API [1].

This API exposes elements in a database as datasources. Using the methods
allowed by this data source, we can access and edit data.

So, I want to create a custom SchemaRDD using the methods and provisions of
this API. I tried going through Spark documentation and the Java Docs, but
unfortunately, I was unable to come to a final conclusion if this was
actually possible.

I would like to ask the Spark Devs,
1. As of the current Spark release, can we make a custom SchemaRDD?
2. What is the extension point to a custom SchemaRDD? or are there
particular interfaces?
3. Could you please point me the specific docs regarding this matter?

Your help in this regard is highly appreciated.



*Niranda Perera*
Software Engineer, WSO2 Inc.
Mobile: +94-71-554-8430
Twitter: @n1r44 <>

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