Code is in my windows machine and cluster is in some other network in UNIX. In this case how it will identify the cluster. In case of spark cluster we can clearly specify the URL like spark://ip:port. But in case of hadoop how to specify that.


What I have done is copied the hadoop configuration files from network to local and created dummy hadoop directory(in windows machine).


Submitted from spark submit by adding above dummy files location with HADOOP_CONF_DIR variable.  Attaching the error.




Please suggest me how to proceed from the code and how to execute from spark submit from windows machine.


Please provide me sample code if you have any.




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How about?


- Create a SparkContext 

- setMaster as yarn-cluster

- Create a JavaSparkContext with the above SparkContext


And that will submit it to the yarn cluster.


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Is there a way to submit spark job on Hadoop-YARN  cluster from java code.