I think you should also be able to get away with casting it back and forth in this case using .asInstanceOf.

On Wed, Nov 19, 2014 at 4:39 PM, Daniel Siegmann <daniel.siegmann@velos.io> wrote:
I have a class which is a subclass of Tuple2, and I want to use it with PairRDDFunctions. However, I seem to be limited by the invariance of T in RDD[T] (see SPARK-1296).

My Scala-fu is weak: the only way I could think to make this work would be to define my own equivalent of PairRDDFunctions which works with my class, does type conversions to Tuple2, and delegates to PairRDDFunctions.

Does anyone know a better way? Anyone know if there will be a significant performance penalty with that approach?

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