Hi, all. I'm not sure whether someone has reported this bug:

There should be a checkpoint() method in EdgeRDD and VertexRDD as follows:

override def checkpoint(): Unit = { partitionsRDD.checkpoint() }

Current EdgeRDD and VertexRDD use RDD.checkpoint(), which only checkpoint the edges/vertices but not the critical partitionsRDD.

Also, the variables (partitionsRDD and targetStroageLevel) in EdgeRDD and VertexRDD should be transient.

class EdgeRDD[@specialized ED: ClassTag, VD: ClassTag]( @transient val partitionsRDD: RDD[(PartitionID, EdgePartition[ED, VD])], @transient val targetStorageLevel: StorageLevel = StorageLevel.MEMORY_ONLY) extends RDD[Edge[ED]](partitionsRDD.context, List(new OneToOneDependency(partitionsRDD))) {

class VertexRDD[@specialized VD: ClassTag]( @transient val partitionsRDD: RDD[ShippableVertexPartition[VD]], @transient val targetStorageLevel: StorageLevel = StorageLevel.MEMORY_ONLY) extends RDD[(VertexId, VD)](partitionsRDD.context, List(new OneToOneDependency(partitionsRDD))) {

These two bugs usually lead to stackoverflow error in iterative application written by GraphX.