I've also tried setting the aforementioned properties using System.setProperty() as well as on the command line while submitting the job using --conf key=value. All to no success. When I go to the Spark UI and click on that particular streaming job and then the "Environment" tab, I can see the properties are correctly set. But regardless of what I've tried, the "stderr" log file on the worker nodes does not roll and continues to grow...leading to a crash of the cluster once it claims 100% of disk. Has anyone else encountered this? Anyone?

On Fri, Nov 7, 2014 at 3:35 PM, Nguyen, Duc <duc.nguyen@pearson.com> wrote:
We are running spark streaming jobs (version 1.1.0). After a sufficient amount of time, the stderr file grows until the disk is full at 100% and crashes the cluster. I've read this 


and also read this 


So I've tried testing with this in an attempt to get the stderr log file to roll.

sparkConf.set("spark.executor.logs.rolling.strategy", "size")
            .set("spark.executor.logs.rolling.size.maxBytes", "1024")
            .set("spark.executor.logs.rolling.maxRetainedFiles", "3")

Yet it does not roll and continues to grow. Am I missing something obvious?