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From daze5112 <>
Subject reading a csv dynamically
Date Thu, 22 Jan 2015 00:25:27 GMT
Hi all, im currently reading a csv file shich has the following format:
(String, Double, Double,Double, Double, Double)
and can map this no problems using:

    val dataRDD = sc.textFile("file.csv").
    map(_.split (",")).
    map(a=> (Array(a(0)), Array(a(1).toDouble, a(2).toDouble), a(3),
Array(a(4).toDouble, a(5).toDouble)))

What i would like to do is because the input file may have a different
number of fields ie it might have an extra double which needs to go in the
first array of doubles ie:

(String, Double, Double,Double, Double,Double, Double)
which would see my map as
    val dataRDD = sc.textFile("file.csv").
    map(_.split (",")).
    map(a=> (Array(a(0)), Array(a(1).toDouble, a(2).toDouble,
a(3).toDouble), a(4), Array(a(5).toDouble, a(6).toDouble)))

Is there a way i can make this map more dynamic ie if i create vals:
val Array_1 = 3
val Array_2 = 2

Then use these to pick up the values for array 1 which we know should
contain 3 values and say okay give me a(1) through to a(3)

thanks in advance

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