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From Ye Xianjin <>
Subject Re: Can't run Spark java code from command line
Date Wed, 14 Jan 2015 04:27:49 GMT
There is no binding issue here. Spark picks the right ip for you. The printed message
is just an indication.
 However I have no idea why spark-shell hangs or stops.

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> 在 2015年1月14日,上午5:10,Akhil Das <> 写道:
> It just a binding issue with the hostnames in your /etc/hosts file. You can set SPARK_LOCAL_IP
and SPARK_MASTER_IP in your conf/ file and restart your cluster. (in that case
the spark://myworkstation:7077 will change to the ip address that you provided eg: spark://
> Thanks
> Best Regards
>> On Tue, Jan 13, 2015 at 11:15 PM, jeremy p <>
>> Hello all,
>> I wrote some Java code that uses Spark, but for some reason I can't run it from the
command line.  I am running Spark on a single node (my workstation). The program stops running
after this line is executed :
>> SparkContext sparkContext = new SparkContext("spark://myworkstation:7077", "sparkbase");
>> When that line is executed, this is printed to the screen : 
>> 15/01/12 15:56:19 WARN util.Utils: Your hostname, myworkstation resolves to a loopback
address:; using instead (on interface eth0)
>> 15/01/12 15:56:19 WARN util.Utils: Set SPARK_LOCAL_IP if you need to bind to another
>> 15/01/12 15:56:19 INFO spark.SecurityManager: Changing view acls to: myusername
>> 15/01/12 15:56:19 INFO spark.SecurityManager: Changing modify acls to: myusername
>> 15/01/12 15:56:19 INFO spark.SecurityManager: SecurityManager: authentication disabled;
ui acls disabled; users with view permissions: Set(myusername); users with modify permissions:
>> After it writes this to the screen, the program stops executing without reporting
an exception.
>> What's odd is that when I run this code from Eclipse, the same lines are printed
to the screen, but the program keeps executing.
>> Don't know if it matters, but I'm using the maven assembly plugin, which includes
the dependencies in the JAR.
>> Here are the versions I'm using :
>> Cloudera : 2.5.0-cdh5.2.1
>> Hadoop : 2.5.0-cdh5.2.1
>> HBase : HBase 0.98.6-cdh5.2.1
>> Java : 1.7.0_65
>> Ubuntu : 14.04.1 LTS
>> Spark : 1.2

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