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From "Rosner, Frank (Allianz SE)" <FRANK.ROS...@ALLIANZ.COM>
Subject Pattern Matching / Equals on Case Classes in Spark Not Working
Date Mon, 12 Jan 2015 18:04:36 GMT
Dear Spark Users,

I googled the web for several hours now but I don't find a solution for my problem. So maybe
someone from this list can help.

I have an RDD of case classes, generated from CSV files with Spark. When I used the distinct
operator, there were still duplicates. So I investigated and found out that the equals returns
false although the two objects were equal (so were their individual fields as well as toStrings).

After googling it I found that the case class equals might break in case the two objects are
created by different class loaders. So I implemented my own equals method using mattern matching
(code example below). It still didn't work. Some debugging revealed that the problem lies
in the pattern matching. Depending on the objects I compare (and maybe the split / classloader
they are generated in?) the patternmatching works /doesn't:

case class Customer(id: String, age: Option[Int], entryDate: Option[java.util.Date]) {
  def equals(that: Any): Boolean = that match {
    case Customer(id, age, entryDate) => {
      println("Pattern matching worked!") == id && this.age == age && this.entryDate == entryDate
    case _ => false

//val x: Array[Customer]
// ... some spark code to filter original data and collect x

scala> x(0)
Customer("a", Some(5), Some(Fri Sep 23 00:00:00 CEST 1994))
scala> x(1)
Customer("a", None, None)
scala> x(2)
Customer("a", None, None)
scala> x(3)
Customer("a", None, None)

scala> x(0) == x(0) // should be true and works
Pattern matching works!
res0: Boolean = true
scala> x(0) == x(1) // should be false and works
Pattern matching works!
res1: Boolean = false
scala> x(1) == x(2) // should be true, does not work
res2: Boolean = false
scala> x(2) == x(3) // should be true, does not work
Pattern matching works!
res3: Boolean = true
scala> x(0) == x(3) // should be false, does not work
res4: Boolean = false

Why is the pattern matching not working? It seems that there are two kinds of Customers: 0,1
and 2,3 which don't match somehow. Is this related to some classloaders? Is there a way around
this other than using instanceof and defining a custom equals operation for every case class
I write?

Thanks for the help!
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