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From Zsolt Tóth <>
Subject [mllib] Decision Tree - prediction probabilites of label classes
Date Wed, 21 Jan 2015 15:36:52 GMT

I use DecisionTree for multi class classification.
I can get the probability of the predicted label for every node in the
decision tree from node.predict().prob(). Is it possible to retrieve or
count the probability of every possible label class in the node?
To be more clear:
Say in Node A there are 4 of label 0.0, 2 of label 1.0 and 3 of label 2.0.
If I'm correct predict.prob() is 4/9 in this case. I need the values 2/9
and 3/9 for the 2 other labels.

It would be great to retrieve the exact count of label classes ([4,2,3] in
the example) but I don't think thats possible now. Is something like this
planned for a future release?


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