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From "Wang, Ningjun (LNG-NPV)" <>
Subject sparkcontext.objectFile return thousands of partitions
Date Wed, 21 Jan 2015 15:31:10 GMT
Why sc.objectFile(...) return a Rdd with thousands of partitions?

I save a rdd to file system using


Note that the rdd contains 7 millions object. I check the directory /tmp/mydir/, it contains
8 partitions

part-00000  part-00002  part-00004  part-00006  _SUCCESS
part-00001  part-00003  part-00005  part-00007

I then load the rdd back using

val rdd2 = sc.objectFile[LabeledPoint]( ("file:///tmp/mydir", 8)

I expect rdd2 to have 8 partitions. But from the master UI, I see that rdd2 has over 1000
partitions. This is very inefficient. How can I limit it to 8 partitions just like what is
stored on the file system?


Ningjun Wang
Consulting Software Engineer
121 Chanlon Road
New Providence, NJ 07974-1541

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